Special Christmas Giveaway 2016

Hello, guys! Are you ready? This is my first International Christmas giveaway ever, and I'm so excited! *.*
So, make yourself comfortable and look on below instructions... special prizes are waiting for you. ;)

Rules to take part of this giveaway:

  • Subscribe this blog being a reader;
  • Follow me on Instagram @jennifermarando or "like" the page BTS of my Soul;
  • Share the giveaway post on Instagram (here you can find the picture) and/or Facebook;
  • Answer all below questions to get as much points as you can;
  • Comment this post giving all below informations:
Instagram nickname (if you have it):
Blog (if you have one):
Link where you shared this post (as per above rules):
Answers of all questions:

Who will be the winner?
The three people with more points. :)


1. Which one of below beautiful girls is my favorite? (+3 points)

2. What's my favorite Christmas dessert? (+5 points)

3. What's for me the perfect example of Christmas home decor? (+7 points)

4. What's my favorite Christmas outfit? (+3 points)

5. ... and for New Year's Eve? (+3 points)

6. Now the hardest one! Take a look on my Instagram account and choose one picture, the one you like most or that give you something, explaining why you choose that one. (from 0 to +10 points)

This giveaway will end on January 6th - last day to take part and have the opportunity for winning these special prizes - after that give me some days and I'll publish here in the blog the winners.
But, wait, of what prizes are you taking about? ;) Here you go, sweethearts:

First placed

The Magic Of Christmas, Reusable bubble bar  - Make a swish (or several) and this warming cinnamon stick will turn your bath into a magic, bubble-filled utopia.

Santa's Belly, Shower jelly - Santa's chomped his way through a sled-load of tasty fireplace treats and now he's full of fresh apple juice! Shake his belly like a bowl full of jelly and lather up with sweet and fruity bergamot oil, soothing rose absolute and uplifting neroli for indulgent cleansing. Carrageenan seaweed gives this rounded wobbler plenty of jiggle and softness for the gentlest festive washes.

London Underground Bookmarks - six magnetic mini page markers.

Surprise book!

Second placed

Snow Angel, Bath melt - dissolving into a flurry of snow, blanket your bath in white foam before revealing a shimmering golden glow. Rich in moisturising Fair Trade cocoa butter, with a delicate marzipan scent, and oodles of rose, benzoin and cassie absolute to treat winter skin to a softening, floral soak.

I Love Me, Massage bar - soft-hearted, melty massage bar is designed for lovers and romantic trysts. Soft Coeur got its name from the delectable union of honey and chocolate in a soft center. You can break the heart in half to reveal the messy chocolate middle and melt it all over your favorite body to make him or her extra tasty.

Transparent Sticky Notes - 100 sheets.


Third placed

Shoot For The Stars, Bath bomb - Launch this one in the water and watch it shoot and spin. Stay very still to see the swirling colors of the night sky dazzle in your bathtub.

Vintage Maps Pocket Notebooks - two pocket-sized lined notebook.


Now I can only say GOOD LUCK!

With love,

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